I’m sure we are eager as to know what wisdom we can excerpt from the muster point in this ‘’stay at home’’ Warrant type of Pandemic, so we are advised to plug in our seat belts and enjoy the ride.

 According to a published article by (EDET, 2018) a muster point is described as the safest place during emergency, where every occupant of the Job premises are expected to assemble for head count before rescue operation is initiated if necessary.   We can deduce three major points from the above mentioned definition, and they will form the epicenter of our discussion.

The first phrase which will be considered is safest place, a sanctuary sought of, this describes a place void of all kinds of danger or the cause for alarm, it`s like where the Jewish victims sought refuge during the era of the holocaust which was termed safe houses, (slier et al 2008).it is practically out of reach from the hands or even capacity of the ravaging danger or threat. Now relating this precept to our present predicament, what and where would we say would represent a ‘’safe house” that assures us of optimum safety and security from this sinister virus? Is it Aso rock? Maybe, the Barracks? Absolutely no! surprisingly it is our HOME, what the majority already has, irrespective of our class in the society we can all boast of a place we call home, it was William J Bennett who said and I quote ‘’ home is a shelter from storms- all sorts of storms’’ and guess what, this viral and virulent  storm is not an exception. We must all resort to our homes as the cheapest but most effective means to ensure not just our safety but the safety of others. 

But will just sitting at home really be of aid in this time, definitely not, this will now introduce us to our next salient muster point point, extracted from the aforementioned definition is ‘’head count’’ . it describes a core procedure carried out in the muster points where all workers present in the workplace are accounted for in the muster points, so the muster point doesn’t just afford your own safety but also takes into cognizance “who needs help?’’ how best can we help without endangering ourselves etc. This from a bird’s eye view can be seen as communication which in my words is the salt of human existence, but in this case it stretches beyond interaction with those in our home or digitally with our loved ones, to involve any form of healthy, spiritual and intellectual engagement that will help fumigate our mental environment from every nook of fear, panic and negativity whilst pervading it with scents of positivity and hope which has been the rudder that drove us through the storms of previous pandemics and other life challenges.

And now our last extract from the above stated definition would be “rescue operation” , in the context of a Muster point, yes! it is a safe zone but sometimes it is still within an eye reach of the danger zone, so workers may require a total conveyance out of that location although may not be necessary as stated in the definition. But our precept about this extract will be in the context of rescuing ourselves from whatsoever might jeopardize our safety in the muster point, and this I feel is definitely indispensable to sustain life, BREAD as stated in the Bible. This signifies our source of  livelihood. So if necessity warrants that we leave our muster points so as secure our daily bread we must not focus on the snake and lose sight of the scorpion, (Egyptian proverb) this explains caution, that we must cling to the company of social distancing, while ensuring frequent use of sanitizer and the salient practice of good hygiene. By so doing we would have not only survived in this period of Pandemic but we would thrived through and beyond with our friends and loved ones.


Ugwu Terrelbasil Onyekachi

Media/Publicity Dpt., HSEAI

Health & Safety Awareness in Secondary Schools, Uyo senatorial district

A journey that has focus on its mission does not succumb to obstructions. There is always a way to have access to any difficult situation without going against rule. We broke barrier not the rule.The second phase of A-HSEAI project of 1st quarter ended with great success. Ikot Ekpene and Uyo Senatorial Districts.

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A-HSEAI, in the heat of coronavirus, continued her journey of Health and Safety awareness as coronavirus was part of the discuss. The participants were all screened on arrival by our medical team. Hand sanitizers were also provided and was ensured that participants got their hands sanitized.

The event kicked off after proper precautionary measures were put in place. The awareness continued on:
Hazard and Risks Identification and control, Road Safety and use of seat belt, fire fighting and practicals on operation of fire extinguisher, unsafe act and unsafe condition, Incidents and Accidents/ Emergency Response, Lassa Fever, corona Virus, dangers of drug abuse, practical demonstration on basic first aids including arrest of hemorrhage, choking, foreign body in the eyes, nose bleeding, Fainting attack and basic knowledge about CPR were discussed

Fire Extinguishers and First Aid boxes were donated to each school. The president of A-HSEAI, presented Health and Safety Handbook to some students as a way to enhance their knowledge which they appreciated immensely.
It was an amazing success story, as the school children showed excitement and enthusiasm to the whole exercise as they asked mind blowing questions that were answered professionally.

In her response, the Head Teacher of Model Community Secondary School, Mrs. Excel Favour thanked the association for embarking on sensitization on secondary schools which is the larger proportion in the state and urged teachers to disseminate the information from the awareness campaign to other students in order to curtail the spread of the disease.

Also Speaking at the sensitization programme, the representative for Commissioner Ministry of Environment and Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Ini-Favour Umoh lauded the association for the choice of targeting both public and private schools in the State which will help train both teachers and pupils about the symptoms and ways to prevent it.

The journey has no bus stop though with vision and mission. The journey continues. Thanks to all our supporters for the contribution to the success of this maiden event, www.hseai.org/supporters

A-HSEAI, taking safety to the ends of the earth

Ujunwa Okeke
VP, Public Relations.

Engr. Jamiu Badmos

Engr. Jamiu Badmos, Executive Director, Safety Advocates Empowerment Foundation

Engr. Jamiu Badmos is a versatile, analytical and passionate QHSSE and Business Sustainability Professional with over 19 years practical hands-on approach, strong coaching skills, high decisional-efficiency and International certifications in Environmental Law, Quality, Health, Safety, Security, Environment, Business Continuity, Business Process, Enterprise Risk Management and ISO Management System Standards (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 etc). He is a certified IRCA Lead Auditor (01199630) in ISO 9001 and ISO 45001, making him one of the 11 Internationally certified Management System Auditors in Nigeria


As a registered Engineer (COREN, MNSE, IAEng, MIET) with innovative ideas to deliver tasks meticulously, timely and passionately, He has translated excellent safety, environmental and quality performance into profitability and operational excellence for over forty two (42) companies including Multi-nationals in Oil & Gas, Telecoms, Manufacturing, Banking, Logistics, Construction and Power sectors of the economy


Engr. Jamiu Badmos is Fellow in four (4) Leading Professional Bodies; Association of Enterprise Risk Management Professionals (AERMP), Nigerian Institution of Safety Engineers (NiSafetyE), Emergency Crisis & Disaster Risk Management Institute (ECRMI) and Institute of Management Consultant (IMC) and have contributed passionately to the Occupational Health & Safety drive in Nigeria (www.jamiubadmos.com)

His Career

Over the years, he has delivered outstanding/world class lectures and  received awards in both Local and International Conferences/Summits/Discourse including but not limited to TEDx, Vision 2020, RIMS 2019, IOSH 2019, National Safety Summit 2019, ICIDA 2018,  US Consulate, World Congress on Occupational Safety & Health -2017, Singapore, Africa Utility Week (AUW), Inaugural West African Power Summit, West Africa Power Industry Convention (WAPIC), Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON), Society for Occupational and Environmental Health Physicians of Nigeria (SOEHPON), Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Association of Professional Women Engineers in Nigeria (APWEN), American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), West African Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (WASHEQ), Nigerian Institution of Safety Engineers, Ghana Vision Zero and Lagos State Safety Commission (LSSC) etc

He is a Certified Protection Officer (CPO), Certified Management Consultant (CMC) and has served as a Board Member (appointed by Nigerian Society of Engineers) on National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria (NISCN) and presently the Executive Director, Strategies, Safety Advocacy & Empowerment Foundation (The Safety Advocates)


Engr. Jamiu Badmos is the First African to deliver highly impacting lecture on Anatomy of ISO 45001:2018 within 30 days of the release of the standard at no cost for over 200 Occupational Health & Safety Professionals and Practitioners in Nigeria, the First OHS Professional in the World to link ISO 45001:2018 to the 7 Golden Rules of Vision Zero (recognized by ISSA/ILO) and he is the Winner of the Most Prestigious BusinessDay Risk Manager of the year 2018, World Safety Organization (WSO-NG) Person of the year 2018, Enterprise Risk Management Ambassador (AERMP) and the AfriSAFE Most outstanding contributor to Occupational Safety & Health in Africa 2019.

 As a Strategist, he has attended several Executive Courses in Prestigious Institutions including Lagos Business School and Havard (Driving Business Performance) etc

Cletus Akhigbe

Cletus Akhigbe, CEO, Lead Consultant & Instructor Clevepronet Limited/ President National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria.

Cletus Akhigbe is a very passionate and highly competent Occupational Safety Health Environment and Quality Management System professional and an OSH leader. He has over 16 years practical working experience in HSE & Quality Management, Training, Consultancy and OSH leadership. A Mechanical Engineer, an IRCA/CQI Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001, 45001 and 14001 and a third-party lead auditor for ISO certification organizations. A QHSE program developer for different sectors: Oil and Gas, marine, manufacturing, construction etc.

His Career

He began his career as a safety professional at World Oil Tools Nigeria Limited as the pioneer QHSE manager and later moved to Oil Quest International Limited to manage the QHSE department. He is CEO, Lead Consultant & Instructor at Clevepronet Limited a HSE and quality training and consulting organization. Over the years Cletus has helped over 60 companies set up their HSE and Quality Department. He personally prepared many companies for successful ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications, IOC and regulatory body audits.

Cletus has won lots of awards for his contribution to this profession, including HSENation 25 most admire HSE professional. He is a member NISCN, ISPON, NISafety, WSO, ECRMI and WSO Safer Ambassador.

Cletus has mentored and raised hundreds of QHSE Professional. A member Nigeria National Occupational Safety and Health Policy review committee, member national World Day for Safety and Health at Work Committee. He is the founder School Safety Nigeria and the organizer Port Harcourt HSE Summit. A TV and Radio safety advocate.


It was a dream come true as the Association For Health, Safety and
Environmental Awareness International (AHSEAI) recorded another
milestone on her journey to greatness by a special audience given her
during a courtesy visit to the Hon. Commissioner, Ministry of
Environment and Petroleum Resources who was ably represented by the
Permanent Secretary in the ministry Mr Nsudoh Nsudoh on March 12, 2020.

Mr Edidiong Ekanem, President Association for Health, Safety &
Environmental Awareness International who led the delegation stated that
the purpose of her visit was to hold discussions with the ministry on
areas of possible support and collaboration on their awareness on Safety
issues, prevention of fire outbreaks as it occurs in recent times,
corona virus, drug abuse and other environmental challenges besetting
Akwa Ibom State.

He also asserted that the State will derive
numerous benefits from the establishment of the A-HSEAI awareness, as
the Association is currently embarking on School project across the
three senatorial districts in the state, establishment of Health and
Safety Clubs, including employment opportunities for citizens to enable
them carry out its activities as long as they comply with extant
environmental laws.

On his part, the Permanent Secretary, Mr Nsudoh Nsudoh wished the organization success on her current assignment. He said that there are areas for possible collaboration between the ministry and Akwa Ibom State Government, such as tackling viruses in schools and work places to remedy the situation in the State and beyond. He pledged his continuing supports to the lofty ideas and programs of the organization.

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Awareness on Health & Safety in Secondary Schools

A-HSEAI, started the journey of a thousand miles with a bold step! The first phase of her project for the 1st quarter of 2020: Creating Awareness on Health & Safety, to school children and their teachers.

Hazard and Risks Identification and control, Road Safety and use of seat belt, fire fighting and practicals on operation of fire extinguisher, unsafe act and unsafe condition, Incidents and Accidents/ Emergency Response, Lassa Fever, corona Virus, dangers of drug abuse, practical demonstration on basic first aids including arrest of hemorrhage, choking, foreign body in the eyes, nose bleeding, Fainting attack and basic knowledge about CPR were discussed

Fire Extinguishers and First Aid boxes were donated to each school.
It was an amazing success story, as the school children showed excitement and enthusiasm to the whole exercise as they asked mind blowing questions that were answered professionally. We are not stopping here!

The last phase comes up next week Thursday, 19th March, for Uyo Senatorial District, at Community Secondary School, Aka Offot.

The journey has just began! No going back, as we are leaving no stone unturned. We will cut across all geopolitical zones. To this effect, we have established branches in almost all the states in the Federation. This is to ensure that every nook and cranny is part of the beneficiaries. Grassroot is our target; reaching out to the “common” man. Our sleeves are already rolled up for the task ahead.

Thank you all for your supports and encouragement.

A-HSEAI, Creating Awareness for a better and safer life!

Ujunwa Okeke
VP, Public Relations


How much do you value your eyes/sight? Each day we are exposed to hazards that can cause strain, temporary or permanent damage to our eyes and sometimes we are not even aware.

Here are a few everyday hazards:
1: Dust and smoke exposure
2: Unclean hands used to rub our eyes.
3: Prolonged exposure to display devices such as phones and computers.

Some of us work in specialized conditions, where certain actions tasks are done. These hazards could be in form of :
1: projectiles (chipping from wood, metals etc)
2: Chemicals (Splashes and fumes).
3: Radiation (visible lights, ultra violet, heat or infrared/laser radiation).
4: Blood borne pathogens.

In a work environment there can be multiple hazards for example in construction you can have both projectile and radiation (While using a grinding machine).

What are the effects you may ask, it’s effect can be either temporary or permanent.
See below a few:
1: Eye Strain / tiredness
2: Dry eyes.
3: Computer vision syndrome ( can be caused by any display device, phones, computers, tablets etc).
4: Headaches.
5: Temporary or Permanent Blindness.

How can you protect yourself?

1: Get glasses it could be plain or dark(tainted) that will also help reduce sun glare. Always have a clean handkerchief, which you can slightly dampen and cover your face as much as possible.

2: Wash your hands often and keep a hand sanitizer close by.

3: Reduce time spent with display devices, install anti-glare cover or apps and give your eyes a break every 20-30mins.

4: Always use protective gear provided.

5: Read and follow instructions for all chemical substances being used.

6: Inspect your work station and eliminate all hazards by using the available machine guards and other control tools.

7: Know WHERE to go and who to meet for first aid treatment.

8: Get enough sleep, rest and keep hydrated, this works wonders for dry eyes.

Remember your eyes are the windows to your soul and they help you appreciate the beauty around you, they are very valuable and can be easily damaged.

Composed by Chioma Ahumareze Ukwandu






Aniekan Essien

Aniekan Essien, Principal Technical Safety Engineer

Aniekan Essien is a Principal Technical Safety Engineer/ Management Consultant specializing in Safety, Risk and HSE Engineering. He has over 17 years’ experience gained in the Oil and Gas, Power, Rail and Nuclear industries.

He is a versatile HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) consultant experienced in managing a wide spectrum of risk engineering activities in support of operational and project activities within Nigeria, the UK and International Oil and Gas Sector and an accomplished team member.

He has gained experience in the following areas:

  • A full understanding of HSE regulatory and best practices requirements coupled with strong organizational capacities to implement (together with other Managers) a high- performance organisation based on sound safety culture, environmental respect and regulatory compliance
  • Developing a clearly defined HSE management systems/program to identify, implement and evaluate processes and procedures required by regulation to protect the health and safety of employees, customers, subcontractors and the environment.
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment of offshore installations using various software modelling suite and consequence modelling for thermal radiation, gas dispersion, ship impact and fires & explosions.
  • Promoting governmental and regulatory safety frameworks for establishing an effective, independent, technically competent and efficient regulatory body.
While he has significant consultancy experience and an in-depth knowledge of Safety, Risk and HSE engineering, Aniekan is currently the Head, Health Safety and Environment at Eko Electricity Distribution Company where he provides HSE advice to the management and staff, develop, maintain and implement HSE policies, standards and procedures, audit plan for HSE processes and operational activities, monitor compliance with HSE policies e.g. Accident/Incident Reporting, Permit to Work, Environmental Conformance. He also organises periodic awareness and enlightenment programmes for company’s managers and staff to enhance knowledge and understanding of HSE responsibilities within areas of operational responsibility. He is currently leading the company’s ISO45001/ ISO 50001 certification process.

He was also a pioneer staff of Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority and worked as part of the project team who worked on the Installation, Pre- Commissioning and Commissioning of a Nuclear Research Reactor in Nigeria with the responsibility of defining and updating of safety technical standards, assistance with development, selection and implementation of standard HSE plans for the Client; Provision of safety support to line functions and reviewing implementation of HSE based mitigation measures, responding promptly and correctly in event of emergencies according to standard procedures and plans. Ensuring designs and specifications met the requirements of the project.

His Career Characteristics

Aniekan’s greatest contribution lies in his natural abilities to interact positively with people, in combination with his strong drive to achieve worthwhile results. He is, therefore, an excellent team member who is willing to help others promote their projects as well as his own. As a result of his ability to make favourable impressions by communicating easily and confidently and thereby generating enthusiasm, he is usually successful at opening doors and developing relationships for the business and/or the community. In this regard his drive for results, willingness to take authority, make decisions and expedite action will ensure timely achievement of most of his goals and objectives.

His eagerness to accept challenges and venture into the unknown and question the status quo will often bring a fresh perspective to organisational issues together with innovative solutions.

Femi Da-silva

Femi Da-silva, Executive Director of HSENations

Femi Da-silva is a skilled and respected member of several Safety Organization in Nigeria; a passionate HSE influencer committed to achieving excellence through teaching and communicating practical and relevant techniques. He is an experienced, result oriented and versatile communication manager with over 8 years’ experience in the Nigerian Occupational Health and Safety sector.

Da-silva was the social media coordinator of Lagos State Government Safety Commission Vision Zero Conference; Lagos State Building Collapse Guild Conference among others.

About His Career

He is currently the Executive Director of HSENations, arguably Nigeria most visited health and safety news blog and the founder of Africa Most Respected Health and Safety Award.

Pastor Joe Linus

Pastor Joe Linus, Evangelist and Preacher

Pastor Joe Linus, is a well respected Man of God, who serves as Chief of staff to Rev Dr Uma Ukpai, a renowned Evangelist and Preacher.

Pastor Linus has B.Sc in Banking and Finance, also holds PGD in Theology.
He has served in many capacities with diligence in Lord’s vineyard to ensuring that all lives are transformed positively. He is mightily used of God and a person of strong relational skills.

About His Career

He speaks in Conferences and Seminars. He is an author who has authored many books. Outside Pastoring, he is a Professional Event Planner.