Safety goggles

Because you only have two eyes, and they cannot be replaced – Eye injuries in the workplace are common, but they’re also easily avoidable in the majority of cases.


Safety goggles are a vital necessity in any workplace that includes potential eye hazards. Having the proper eye protection in place is essential in many work environments to guard against injuries and to meet international requirements.

It is important for employers to provide personal protective equipment to their employees and ensure its proper use.

Eye protection must be provided when necessary to protect against chemical, environmental, radiological or mechanical irritants hazards.

Some of the most common occupations that have a high risk of eye injury are construction, medical care, electrical work, plumbing, welding, and auto repair. Even if your main industry is not one of the occupations listed here, there could still be certain departments or tasks within your business that might require the use of safety goggles such as maintenance and repair work on equipment used for your business.

Safety goggles are recommended or required any time the following potential eye hazards are present in the workplace:

  1. Flying Debris(dust, concrete, metal, wood, etc.).
  2. Chemicals (liquids and gases)
  3. Radiation (visible light, ultraviolet, heat, infrared, lasers, etc.).

Consider the type of work performed in all areas of your business to determine if potential eye hazards are present in your workplace.

Will Any Safety goggle Work?

The specific safety eyewear to use can vary hugely depending on your situation. It could be that traditional safety goggles with side protection or even entire face shields are best suited to protecting your eyes from injury. Do the research and make sure that whenever you are working in a potentially hazardous environment, you use the right safety equipment.

Some features of safety goggles are:

  1. Highly impact-resistant.
  2. Provide a tight, form-fitting facial seal.
  3. Protect the entire eye area against hazards coming from any direction.
  4. Some can be worn over prescription glasses and contact lenses.

Reasons to wear safety glasses:

  1. It’s the LAW – in many instances where eye hazards exist.
  2. Eye injuries are painful and often times the damage sustained is permanent.
  3. Injuries can happen at any time and rarely come with any warning.

Always remember no one think it will happen to them until it happens


Thank you and GOD bless.

Onoriede Ighemena Isaac

Media/Publicity Dpt., HSEAI

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  1. Eye’s is the light of the body one has to be conscious of it at all time.
    Protect your eye’s because once it’s damage there will be no replacement be responsible for your eye’s and be safety conscious.
    Thanks and remain bless

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